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Jul 06, 2017

Code Zombie: Antlion Survival

I think all developers have something they never quite finished. I’d even go so far as to say that many people have more unfinished projects than they do finished ones. Isn’t that a darn shame…
Anyway, in response to several requests from YouTube commenters over the years, I’ve released the codebase for my Antlion Survival gamemode into the public domain.
I hadn’t even looked at the code for over 5 years. I’m guessing the last time I wrote any code for it was at least 6 or 7 years ago. I’ve grown a lot as a programmer, so my ego has become pretty detached from it.
Here’s the most recent footage of the gamemode when it was still functional in 2010.

Ah the memories…

If the modding community is anything like it was 7 years ago when I originally created this, I’m guessing people will just rip the parts they want out and incorporate them into their own projects. Frankly, that’s alright with me. It’s better than allowing it to continue collecting dust on a hard drive backup.

Still, part of me wants it to become an open source project with multiple contributors, having the original vision realized. If that does happen, I may spend a little time continuing development on it. It’d be fun to go back to my roots as a programmer. Had I mentioned that tweaking/writing GMod Lua scripts was how I initially taught myself to write code? Technically my first language was some dialect of BASIC, but I didn’t do a deep dive into programming until I started using Lua.

Ah yes, those were the days…


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